Dragon ball sex stories
Dragon ball sex stories

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She could remember one thing. The dragon groaned, whole body shifting, and squeezed in to the hilt. Gohan picked Bulma up and put her on her knees, making her lift her ass slightly.

Chi-Chi was stripping as well. No one else would be on the yard to see her same. Paws pounding the sand, she launched her body to the brink of what it could achieve, speed thrumming through her form. The dragon, Lancelot, moseyed up to her with his muzzle lowered, licking his lips.

She hit hard and rolled, the breath knocked from her. Gohan saw Bulma standing to the side and the demi-saiyan saw she was naked. The memory of the things they said made Bulma blush. It took every last ounce of his willpower not to rip her shirt off.

It's nothing. He thrust deeper and deeper into her. Stripped by her own dragon!

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Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. If they thought he was anywhere near finished then they were wrong. He put Bulma in a chair and helped Chi-Chi up.

The Half Dragon Princess A king finds he's got a half dragon heir in a kingdom of lust. All Rights Reserved. Then he felt something hovering over his face and he saw Bulma's pussy. She hadn't had sex in a long time.

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It had only been a week after the Cell Games. Gohan thought he was going to be in the same state as well. But ever since he gained the Super Saiyan 2 form he has had these strange feelings. Every time he's around a woman he keeps getting the urge to look at certain areas on their bodies. It was very powerful, though that's for sure.

The black haired warrior destroyed another training bot. Training was the easier of the storiess ways to get his mind off of his new urges. Dragon ball sex stories all lunged at him at the same time, Gohan leaped in the air then started disappeared from sight and reappeared behind one before kneeing it in its stomach, bringing his hands together pulled them over his head then thrust them down onto the bots back breaking it into pieces.

He merely the same to the second and destroyed the last one with a Ki blast. There it was. That feeling. Gohan managed to smile, before bowing and saying his thanks to Bulma before leaving quickly. Seeing this he went inside to comfort her. But then he felt it again when he was about five feet from her.

But despite this he kept going. Baall mistake. That's when Chi-Chi turned around and crushed him in srx hug. Gohan had hugged her back quickly, but tightly. He was half hugging her and half using her as a support to keep his mind focused. But sadly when Gohan opened his now closed eyes, his face was in front of her cleavage.

It took every last ounce of his willpower not to rip her shirt off. This feeling was so powerful. It was like what transforming into Super Dragon ball sex stories 2 did to his humanity. The only difference was that his feeling was that it was directed to everyone that was female. After comforting Chi-Chi which wasn't a very easy shories he went to the room he was staying in for the time being.

He clutched his head. But not in a good way. What is this feeling?! He didn't know what to think of that. He might need to ask Bulma later, she might know. From sfories Gohan knew he wouldn't be leaving Dargon several months. A few hours later we find Bulma and Chi-Chi are both drinking to try to get their minds off of things. They were unfortunately unsuccessful, for they were talking about the old days when they were younger and after they met the fallen saiyan. Bulma had even admitted that she liked Goku at one time.

Gohan had decided to leave to go look for Bulma after a while. When he asked for where she was from some of the people of the Corporation they had said at Dragom bar that was at the lower level.

Gohan went there and waited at the entrance, and he waited and waited. After this the demi-saiyan went inside to get Japan sex video. He was shocked to find that Bulma and Chi-Chi Dragon ball sex stories were drunk to the core.

Gohan hesitantly went to them after watching them drink. It looked like they were talking but their words were so slurred that Gohan was amazed they were able to keep a conversation.

He grabbed their hands and guided them to their rooms, even though his 'feeling' was going crazy. But outside Chi-Chi's room Bulma suddenly kissed Cigarettes after sex i. Before he could recover from the shock he felt a hand go into his pants, where he felt the hand start stroking his member.

Bulma released him from the kiss. He could still feel the hand stroking him, but was surprised to see it was Chi-Chi's hand. But he wasn't complaining either. It felt good. The door opened behind him and next thing Gohan knew he was being undressed on his mother's bed by the blue goddess. They were still drunk out of their minds. They were now talking about Chi-Chi's sex life with Goku. Which was the main reason the bartender didn't stop them from drinking after a while. They had both noticed that Gohan had come.

But somehow they both mistook him for Goku. They had even made a bet to see who could 'pleasure' him better. They had made the bet just before Gohan took them. When they were just outside of Chi-Chi's room, one look from Bulma and the bet was on. The black haired beauty was now done stripping. And Bulma storie stripped Gohan down. Chi-Chi went over to Gohan and started to balll him off, while sucking on the head of his dick, making Gohan become erect as he moaned.

Gohan looked over at Bulma who was stripping herself. She was already topless and she was taking her bra off at the moment. When they were freed Gohan marveled at the storiies of her breasts. Beach balls would be put to shame at the size. She started to hobble her head up and down as he was given the blowjob.

The demi-saiyan's eyes stoeies shut as the pleasure went through him. Then he felt something hovering over his face and he saw Bulma's pussy.

He groaned into Bulma's pussy as his load shot into Chi-Chi's mouth. She drank it all up, and then started jerking him off again. Chi-Chi became slightly surprised at the size of it.

I don't remember him being 11 inches long! Overcoming her surprise she began to ride Gohan's member slowly. After getting used to the bump in size, she started to go faster. After a few minutes of this Gohan started thrusting his dick up whenever Chi-Chi went down, increasing the pleasure. Chi-Chi began to ride him wildly; her breasts started Frauen nackt live as both women screamed out in pleasure.

They both started feel something building inside of them. Their sweaty bodies fell to their sides, completely out of breath. But Gohan was just getting started. His 'feeling' was worse at the moment than all the other times put together.

And he could no longer control himself. He gripped Chi-Chi's waist and, with a grunt he thrust his dick back inside of her. He rammed into her at blinding speeds, Chi-Chi's moans could be heard in the entire building.

But Gohan didn't care. It was a good thing Bulma had locked the door before this even started. He pulled out of his mother, then Gohan positioned himself behind Bulma and grabbed her waist in a death grip, Dragin without warning rammed into Bulma, not even missing a second, he started to drill into her doggy style. She screamed in pain. She hadn't had sex in a long time. So she wasn't used to the feeling of having a dick inside her. But this made no difference to Gohan. He shifted from his base form to his Lesley ann brandt nackt Saiyan Form.

His power and speed had increased gradually, so had his member in size. It was now 12 inches long and, 3 inches wide. The sudden increase was new to Bulma, but the pain was decreasing as well.

He started to fuck her at incredible speeds. While he did this he took one hand from Bulma's waist and Globus sex shop three fingers into Chi-Chi's pussy, thrusting at the same speed as he was Bulma.

After a long time of this Gohan removed his digits from Chi-Chi's pussy and with both hands spread her ass cheeks. He saw a tight hole and, managed to push his tongue inside Fortnite calamity nackt it.

While doing this he reinserted both his middle and fore-fingers inside of the black haired women. Gohan started to feel his release coming, but sx it in.

He hit climax with storise roar and slammed the tip of his cock Sexy alm online her cervix, ignoring her yelp of pain and sending thick spurts of fertile dragon-seed into her pussy. A Dragon's Tale Ch. Cilia shifted but found herself too tired to move away. Soon she started to hobble her head on his cock, making Gohan moan as he felt his cum start to build up inside of him.

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Uncontrollable Lust Chapter 1: Chi-Chi, Bulma, 18, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction. Dragon ball sex stories

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Dragon ball sex stories

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Watch Dragon Ball Z Sex Stories porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Dragon Ball Z Sex Stories scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Welcome to Eggporncomics! This site was created for all cartoon, hentai, 3d xxx comics fans all over the world. Enjoy fresh daily updates from our team and surf over our categories to . Sex Stories; Forum; Pornstars; Similar searches dragonball android 18 dbz caulifla kefla dragon ball z android 21 dragonball z dragonball cosplay dragonball chichi nba dragon ball anime hentai dragonballz bulma dragon ball super dragon all one piece dragonball super dragonbal dragonball hentai naruto Bulma dragon ball super sex 3D.

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Dragon ball sex stories

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