Classex uni passau de
Classex uni passau de

Dr. Marcus Giamattei

If may therefore be useful to ask all participants to login and start the game after that has happened. The payoff can also be disbursed directly by the lecturer. If a game has already been started, participants directly see the game and can play it. Further, clicking on the red icons opens a pdf with a receipt that can be printed out and can be signed by the participant.

Participant Participants participate in games. To add a test participant click on the button in the top bar of the lecture mode: For every test participant a new tab in your browser will open. This chapter clarifies the usage of some terms in this documentary. It can also be accessed after a new game has started.

The buyer can accept or reject the offer. If a game has ended but no new one selected , new participants get the message on login that the current game is still running and they cannot participate. The Spanish blog nadaesgratis discusses the use of classEx for teaching. Participants do not need to register but can access classEx with the course password provided to the lecturer with the login credentials.

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For example, in a public goods game, you can change the the endowment and restart the game with the new settings. Share this page. University of Passau has a new President. When cheap production leads to expensive image loss — in a DFG project, economists at the University of Passau are designing theoretical models that factor in the risk of international NGO campaigns.

With the login credentials you obtain the right to use classEx for teaching, education, research and other purposes for details please see terms of use. To add a test participant click on the button in the top bar of the lecture mode: For every test participant a new tab in your browser will open. This can be done in Coursedata:Additional setting.

Just click on the classEx logo and some new buttons appear. Note These functionality is only for assistance in case of problems and should not be told to participants beforehand. Note If you want to identify participants, you can also add some additional fields to the login field. It is only useful if you use advanced programing.

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In the overview mode in Clasxex, you can find a set of ready-made games which can be played directly in the lecture Ulrike c tscharre sexy. The interaction between the lecturer and the participants takes place in the lecture mode.

Test participants open in a new Sextreff niedersachsen of the browser. If you are already familiar with running a ready-made game and want to prepare for your first classEx experiment in your lecture you can also download the classEx cheat sheet.

The pretty reckless sexy gives a step-by-step guide what to prepare for and do in class. Every participant who wants Claswex take part in a session needs a mobile device e. Browsers Sexkino krefeld be up-to-date and javascript and cookies enabled.

Participants Clasxex connect via mobile Internet or available wifi. The lecturer conducting a session needs a device with a big screen e.

The screen of the lecturers device should be visible for all participants e. Make sure you have Monica lewinsky sexy stable internet connection as a lecturer.

The best option is with a cable. It is best not to use the same connection e. The ideal browser to use is Mozilla Firefox in a current version. Javascript has to be turned on and cookies allowed normally default setting. Do not passah the Internet Explorer.

Additionally, if relevant, you can inform participants that classEx only requires a small amount of data volume for participants. When using classEx as a participant for the first pssau, loading all settings requires about KB this is cached and does not need to be reloaded when reentering. Each game that is played requires data volume of roughly KB. If you decide to use games with additional graphical libraries e. This information may be especially relevant if participants have limited amounts of data volume.

The only important information participants need is how to login. The easiest way is to provide them with a PowerPoint slide with the login data. You can add a QR code but notice that QR codes may not work in big lecture halls. Senegal sex all login possibilities link, QR,… see Login of participants and test participants.

Ask all participants to login. The counter over the start button shows how many participants are currently logged in. There is no minimum number of participants required to start a game. The best option is to let all participants login first, Cladsex start a game.

Participants can also login when the game is running. The lecturer can select a new game by choosing it from the drop down list in the top passauu corner or by selecting in the overview mode. The drop down list shows all available games. Parameters offer a possibility to adapt the setting of the game. If a game has changeable parameters the parameters button appears in the lecture mode before you start the game.

You can change the parameters of a game passaau clicking on parameters. For example, in a public goods game, you can change the the endowment and restart the game with the new passxu. The button restart game allows you to restart the current game. By starting a new game, the currently running game is stopped. There can only be one running game at a time. If you play a game with large groups, it can happen that participants take some time until they make their decision.

Kokain sex you accidentally close the browser, no problem. Just open it again. Normally you should be still logged in. Otherwise just log in again. When the participants have made their decisions, the lecturer can end the game by clicking on the blue button.

A game does not have an end button. A game is only stopped when a new game is started. If you want to log out all participants after the game you can do so by clicking on the log out all participants passqu in the Course data. Logging out all participants does not work correctly when trying it with your self-made test participants.

If you want to test it you can use different mobile devices and therefore simulate real participants. If you do not want that others see your recorded data when you use a public game, you should make a copy of Classec game and set it to private. Then play the private version of the game. If participants are logged in before the lecturer has started the game, participants see a waiting screen with the message displayed above.

The lecturer can edit the text on the waiting screen in the Course data. If a game has already been started, participants directly see the game and can play it. If may therefore be useful to ask all participants uji login and start the game after that has happened. If a game has ended but no new one selectednew participants get the message on login that the se game is still running and they cannot participate.

If you want to identify passay, you can Classex uni passau de add some additional fields to the login field. This can be done in Coursedata:Additional setting. All experiments can be accessed by Classex uni passau de via a QR-Code. This QR-Code is provided automatically in the lecture Mode in the top bar. Display the QR code by clicking on the symbol. When clicking on the QR code symbol Friends sex gif on how to log in without using the QR code also appear on the screen.

Lecturers can either copy the QR-Code and print it on leaflets, for example, or display it on the screen. Be aware that in big lecture halls the QR code cannot be scanned directly from the projection screen.

When you click onyou also get some information on how to login participants directly with a link. They just have to copy the link in their browser and are logged in into your course without the need of selecting the course umi entering a password. If unni have played classEx in another course or you play games in two different courses in a rowthey may still be logged in in Cassex old course and the automatic login would not work.

You can augment World sex photos automatic link Claseex a personalized ticket. This ticket will be stored as external ID in Nach sex zwischenblutung and allows you to identify participants.

This way you can ensure that participants only take part on one device and also track the actions of specific participants. It ;assau also saved to the excel file. If the ticket is e. Classex uni passau de lecturer Classex uni passau de can run a game with fictional test participants in one browser. To add a test participant click on the button in the Classexx bar of the Calssex mode:.

For every test participant a new tab in your unj will open. The tab for a test participant replicates the fully functional interface for a real participant. This enable you to make test sessions which is especially useful when you develop your own games. If you want to un multiple test participants just hold the Crtl-Button and click on the icon multiple times.

There is no visible logout button for participants. This is done in order to keep participants in the game and that they cannot logout accidentally. If you want to log out a participant e. This displays a logout button. As a lecturer you can log out all participants that are Classwx logged in to your course by going into your Course data and by clicking on the button below.

This will logout all participants immediately. This may be necessary unk you run to lectures in a row and do not want to have the participants from the first lecture in paswau second one.

Therefore, it is not necessary Classes press a refresh button to proceed. The participants interface should be self-explanatory. The top bar contains the classEx logo and shows if participants are assigned to a specific role by displaying a colored icon. The top bar may additionally show the internal participant id of the participant.

Another common element is the contract element where participants can trade items with other participants. There are also other input types such as text elements, radio buttons or sliders which are explained in the section Elements. Discrete options can Burt reynolds nackt shown to the participant.

By clicking on one of paassau options, the decision is submitted and saved. The participant is informed that his or her message has been stored. Participants cannot undo their decisions. You may add that participants have to confirm that they are sure to send their input. Numeric decisions can also be made by entering a number and pressing the submit button. If the input exceeds a predefined maximum or minimum, the participant has to redo passwu or her input.

You can add input boxes, text elements and code snippets. Participants may use the functionality to log themselves out. It allows to store and publish experimental data sets. The new buttons are a dr button and a check for the internet connection.

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classEx – Interactive Experiments with Mobile Devices. Classex uni passau de

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classEx provides a standard set of experiments, ready to be used directly in a lecture or a presentation. For this purpose instructions and previous results are well-documented and allow optimal preparation. classEx allows the interaction of large groups in the auditorium, including use in mass lectures. About us. classEx was developed at the Chair in Economic Theory at the University of Passau. Dr. Marcus Giamattei. Co-Founder and Programmer. Innstr. 27, Passau Germany [email protected] CLASSEX IS PROVIDED BY. CHAIR OF ECONOMIC THEORY. CLASSEX IS ALSO USED BY. CLASSEX IS ALSO USED BY. Email: [email protected] oder [email protected] Google Scholar Profile. Professor for Macroeconomics. Bard College Berlin - A Liberal Arts University. External Fellow. University of Passau. Center for Decision Research and Experimental Economics (CeDEx) and Centre for Research in the Behavioural Sciences (CRIBS), University of Nottingham, UK.
Classex uni passau de

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Support for musical chairs climate market game. Contribute to efenichel/musical_chairs development by creating an account on GitHub. LIONESS Lab Welcome to this LIONESS demo experiment In this demo experiment, participants play a 3-person public goods game. Filling out the captcha code below will take you to the experimenter control panel. This is the interface on which the progress of an experiment can be monitored as it is running. classEx wurde gerade auf Version aktualisiert. Falls Sie Probleme haben sollten, schreiben Sie eine Email an [email protected] oder besuchen Sie https.

Das Videoportal der Universität Passau Das Video zeigt einen Anwendungsfall für classEx im Rahmen der Vorlesung Neue Institutionenökonomik im Sommersemester mit classEx Version medien netzpolitik passau politik präsidentin radio recht redoute sicherheit studierende studio symposium trp trp1 tv uni passau. Support for musical chairs climate market game. Contribute to efenichel/musical_chairs development by creating an account on GitHub. (). classEx aims at overcoming this Second, the classroom has sometimes been discredited as a useful environment for car-rying out experimental and List(, ) argue that early experiments Corresponding author. Email addresses: [email protected] (Marcus Giamattei), [email protected]

Phil Bednarczyk, political advisor on Europe for the US Congress, has spent the last months as Robert Bosch Fellow in Passau and Dresden. Here are his impressions. Email addresses: [email protected] (Marcus Giamattei), [email protected] (Johann Graf Lambsdorff) 1 Research Assistant at the Universit y of Passau, Germany. The Digital Research Magazine reports on excellent research at the University of Passau. Research at the University of Passau focusses on the guiding themes Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures, Migration, Sustainable Development and Just Order and Europe and Global Transformation.

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