Four Seasons Beirut


I had no idea what to expect from Beirut, I went with a complete open mind which is such a refreshing experience when so many places have very strong reputations. I was lucky enough to stay at The Four Seasons Beirut, which, I have to say has been one of the best hotel stays I've ever had, from pick up to check out it was the most accommodating experience. 
The Rooftop is really their best feature which offers panoramic views of the ocean and mountains, framed by the high beams it makes such a dramatic impression when you first enter. I've never enjoyed Sushi in my life, however I was told it was because I've never had it fresh enough, and it's never been truer, I'm converted now and I've been hooked with expensive sushi taste. Each course was accompanied by a gorgeous cocktail, and everything explained with such care showing the staffs passion about educating you on the history of the hotel, and it's food. I merely mentioned in passing that the desserts were my favourite part, and later in the evening I had a knock on my door and was gifted (the most amazing) chocolate because they picked up on my sweet tooth. 
After a long day of exploring the Spa was exactly what I needed, offering the most soothing of atmospheres and care, It was hard to find a reason to leave the comfort of the hotel due to it's beautiful architecture and decoration. Over all I think the four seasons holds a special place in my heart thanks to the staff making such an effort to help in any way possible, from bar recommendations to sight seeing, etc. Unfortunately it was such a short trip but I will absolutely be back again soon.
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