Palais du Msar Lebanon


Nestled high on Mount Labanon the Palace has gorgeous views all round of Ghazir and Jouneih's bay, rich with history this castle has been through many changes, first built and gifted to Abdallah Chebab by Bechir || in the 19th Century it remained for years until it was turned into a leading Lebanese Private school which eventually closed due to the outbreak of WW1 that housed Armenian refugees. Eventually classified as a Lebanese historical monument it now remains a beautiful venue for happier occasions. 

Straight out of Pinterest the Castle was decorated with a plethora of flowers dotted in every space with hints of brushed gold and whites, candelabras and tea lights accompanied every corner.
The alter was a canopy of peonies and white petals. The courtyard had an open roof making what felt like the ceiling change colour as the sun set and rose again in the morning, Lebanese weddings are huge compared to English standards, but I have to say I adore this kind of atmosphere where everyone was having fun and no-one took anything too seriously, The bride and groom looked stunning and everyone enjoyed themselves. 
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